U.S. Senate Candidate Glenn Addison: An Impromptu Interview

    Tonight I got to sit down with U.S. Senate candidate Glenn Addison at the Jalapeno Tree restaurant in Tyler.  He had just finished speaking at a candidate forum and graciously agreed to an interview, on the spot, by this small time blogger.  His campaign slogan is “A Common Man With Common Sense Solutions.”  I found this to be very true.  He’s a very personable  50 year old guy from Magnolia, TX.  He owns two funeral homes, one in Magnolia and one in Spring.  I have to say that he is so charismatic that he just made me feel right at home talking with him.  You don’t see that every day in most people that run for a seat in the Senate.  It was very refreshing to know he wanted to hear what I had to say and answer my questions!

     So let me tell you a little about Glenn Addison. Mr. Addison has been married to his wife Lorie for 28 years and has 2 grown children.  He’s been a small business owner since the age of 26, so he has experienced first hand what it’s like to try to survive in a hostile business environment.  He has dealt with the destructive nature of the Federal Government in the business market as well as their interference in education.  He served on the Magnolia I.S.D. school board for 15 years!  Mr. Addison talks about reigning in our government and how we need to all “get back into the book” better known as the Constitution.  His campaign is centered around just that.  He wants to restore the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land and repeal vast amounts of destructive and unconstitutional Federal legislation.  He doesn’t want to stop there, either! He wants to get rid of all the unconstitutional agencies and departments, too!  He has said if he is elected he will spend ONE 6 year term in Washington and if he has not accomplished what he proposed to do in those 6 years, he needs to be replaced.  If he has done a good job he can come back to Texas with a good feeling of helping this country be a better place to live.  If he is elected he has pledged to close his political campaign fund the day he takes office and accept no further donations.  Because of this, Mr. Addison will not be saddled with the burden of seeking re-election and therefore, will be able to work full time for the people of Texas!  He has also said he will not be signing on for the government pension plan or healthcare that the Senate provides for themselves.  Does this remind you of anyone else? I hear shades of Ron Paul in many areas of Mr. Addison’s platform and in his desire to really work for the people and to adhere to the Constitution.

     The first thing I asked Mr. Addison was if he was endorsing a candidate for President.  He told me he is not endorsing anyone as he is trying to build his own coalition of voters and thinks it could be detrimental to his own campaign if he comes out to endorse anyone.  He did say that he admires Dr. Ron Paul and the work he has done to make people more aware of where our government is overstepping it’s boundaries.  He said he had some serious issues with Romney, Newt, and Santorum, though.  So we’ll suffice it to say he is for whichever candidate is for the Constitution.

     Glenn Addison has some big ideas that he intends to take with him to Washington, D.C. should he be elected.  He is gonna march into Washington with the Constitution in hand and if they want to do something that isn’t in Article 1 section 8, he fully intends to vote against it and to start talking to the other conservatives asking them why they are going against the constitution.  If they don’t change their minds and continue to vote for unconstitutional legislation, he will become an advocate for finding a constitutional conservative (in deed and not just word) to run against them in their home state.  Those are some big words, but you know what?  I believe him and I applaud him!

     We discussed what departments he felt needed to be cut.  He was very much in line with Ron Paul on these.  He listed cutting the EPA, OSHA, National Labor Relations Board, Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, HUD, Interior, Labor, and Transportation.  He believes that all of these departments are unconstitutional as they are not mentioned in Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution.  He said he realizes that people may balk at a few of those, but says that if it was good enough for our founders and worked for over 100 years, then it is good enough for our country, now.  He believes that government has grown well beyond it’s intended purpose and he is ready to start paring it back down to what it needs to be.

     He talked about passing an Omnibus Bill and then letting the government shut down.  In the Omnibus Bill would be provisions so that our troops would still receive their pay and our seniors and others on Social Security would still receive their checks, as well.  He said that there is enough money coming in to pay on our debt so we do not default and to take care of our troops and seniors.  Government could otherwise shut down and maybe that would force some serious meetings across the Senate and Congress about our economy.  We could be headed for another depression that would “make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park”, he said.

     When asked about jobs, he said, “I am convinced the EPA is the biggest job-killer on the face of the earth.  Whenever the Federal government is more concerned with a lizard or snail than the livelihoods of American citizens, we have a major problem.  This happens all over the country as one business after another is negatively affected by some outrageous demand from the Federal Government dealing with issues it has no constitutional authority to be involved with. We have to return those regulatory powers back to the states where the Constitution says they belong.  By getting the regulatory boot of the Federal Government off the necks of the American Economy, people will have a desire to expand their businesses when the opportunity presents itself. ”  He would like to give companies that produce products here in America incentives so that we will see a strong uptick in hiring here.  He wants to lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 10% for companies that will manufacture in the U.S. creating more jobs for Americans in that process.  For companies that have closed their plants and factories int he U.S., he would like to propose an incentive that if they reopen those factories and rehire American workers, they will pay NO corporate tax for 10 years!  Giving these companies strong financial reasons to make their products here in the U.S. will bring jobs back to America.

My next question to Mr. Addison was about the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  He said, “I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to the NDAA.  I believe that people have been duped into thinking it’s about security.”  He agreed when I said that although some parts of a bill may be good, if there is one part of it that is unconstitutional it should not be passed.  It should either be redrafted without the unconstitutional portion or killed altogether.  This was great to hear since EVERY  Senator and Congress member from Texas except Ron Paul voted FOR the NDAA.  That is not OK in my book.   This lead to me asking him about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).  Although he had never heard of this ludicrous treaty, he did say if it is unconstitutional, “It should be called out for being unconstitutional.”  I didn’t have a lot of time to inform him on ACTA, but you can be assured that he will research it and if the U.S. has not pulled out of the treaty by the time he gets to Captiol Hill, there will be someone in Washington fighting to get us out of ACTA and any other unconstitutional legislation!

     I wish I’d had more time with Mr. Addison to get into the things he talked about in the forum tonight, but, as you can imagine, his schedule is chocked full of stops along the campaign trail.  So, I will direct you to his website to read more about his stances on the issues.  I can tell you that you will be impressed with his views.  This is the kind of person we need to be putting in office!  He has my glowing endorsement!  I would encourage you to attend one of the events at which  Glenn Addison will be speaking.  Talk to him one-on-one, tell him what you think about the issues in this country, and listen to his responses.  Texas should really pay attention to this candidate.  I believe he will do great things if given the opportunity!

     Glenn Addison is facing Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, a known establishment Republican, and Ted Cruz, a former advisor for the 2000 campaign of Bush/Cheney, and Solicitor General of Texas (read establishment republican) that has been endorsed by the official Tea Party of Texas.   Glenn Addison believes the people of Texas are ready for a grassroots Senator who will work for “we the people”.  Spread the word that Glenn Addison is the constitutional candidate for the U.S. Senate!

All Eyes on Georgia: Default Judgment AGAINST Obama?

Today was a big day in the state of Georgia! The hearing to see if Obama is eligible to be on the state’s ballot come November was held in Atlanta this morning.  Three cases against Obama were brought before Judge Malihi starting at 9AM ET.  Although subpoenaed, Obama, nor his attorney were in attendance.  (Prior to the start of this hearing Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski tried to quash proceedings in every imaginable way.  A letter was sent to Secretary of State in Georgia, Brian Kemp, requesting a “halt to this circus” and attached was the live birth certificate that Obama’s camp released to the media earlier in 2011.  The letter also stated that Mr. Jablonski and Obama would not be participating in the proceedings including the January 26th hearing in Atlanta.  You can view the full text of the letter here.  Obama was cautioned by S.o.S. GA Brian Kemp that missing the hearing would be “at his own peril.”  See full text of Kemp’s letter here.)

A meeting was held in the judge’s chambers with all the attorneys involved before the hearing started.  The judge decided that since Obama nor his attorney were in attendance he would be entering a default judgment AGAINST Obama, meaning that he would recommend that Obama not be put on the state’s ballot.  (Also see this article:  GulagBound: Obama Eligibility Discussed in Georgia)  The attorneys in attendance ( Orly Taitz, Van R. Irion, and J. Mark Hatfield) requested to be allowed to present an abbreviated version of their cases so that they would be on record.  Judge Malihi agreed giving each attorney the requested time to present their cases according to Dean Haskins (attending and reporting for his own blog which you can read here).   Irion and Hatfield presented their cases in short order.  Taitz then presented her case which took a bit longer bringing in witnesses to testify and herself taking the stand as well.  She gave her closing argument and the court was adjourned.  You can watch the archived live feed at the Article 2 Super Pac website, here.  On the other hand, there are reports that Judge Malihi has made no ruling at all and that there is no timetable for a ruling in this matter.  This is what is being reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  You can read their article, here.

The expert witnesses that were brought in spoke about the birth certificate and evidence that it had been forged, the social security numbers and how they were registered to dead people from 1869 and only showed to belong to Obama when pulled up with certain records dating back to 1977.  Also covered were supreme court decisions supporting the claim that Obama is not a “natural born U.S. citizen” as his father was not a U.S. citizen.  The supreme court cases that were presented were precedents on the definition of a “natural born citizen”.  See these cases here.

Much to the chagrin of the die-hard left, this case proceeded and Obama will not appear on the GA ballot.  According to the left, this case was a waste of tax payer money and state resources as Obama has “proven his status” with the birth certificate release by the state of Hawaii in 2011.  They argue that the right wing that’s claiming the birth certificate is a forgery are just conspiracy theorists that are racist and don’t want a black man in the Whitehouse.  The right wing, of course, vehemently denies this and states Article 2 section 1 of the Constitution and asks why, if Obama is who he says, would he spend thousands of dollars concealing his college records and any others that might be pertinent to his defense?  You would think that Obama would want to clear all of this just to shut the right wing up, but instead he has dodged every question, accusation, and court hearing, now.  This only serves to make the right wing more convinced than ever that they are right and Obama is most definitely hiding who he really is.

There are other states that are filing the same kinds of lawsuits to remove Obama from the ballots in their states as well.  It looks to me like this is the first domino in a line and not something that is going to go away neatly as Obama had hoped.  Other states filing similar law suits include: Alabama, Virginia, New York, California, Florida, Louisiana, and Maryland.

You would think that before ANYONE takes office they would have to present their credentials (i.e. birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license, high school diploma, and college transcripts) as anyone applying for a job with the government has to do.  I believe this is what has the right so up in arms.  If you present these documents to an employer and they are discovered to be false, you get fired or you don’t get the job in the first place.  No one ever cleared the credentials to say Obama was able to hold this office…in fact, he wasn’t vetted properly by his own party! (Wrong form intentionally filed for DNC claiming Obama and Biden as their candidates without constitutional statement of eligibility.  See story here.)  So many inconsistencies will breed questions and conspiracy theories!  It’s all coincidence you say?  To each his own opinion, but do you really trust the government enough to just take their word for it?  I’ve given you all the evidence to look through and research.  It’s up to you to decide.  If the shoe was on the other foot, how would you feel?  Is it just party bias or is there really a conspiracy?  For those of us that don’t align with either party, we just want the constitution to be followed to the “T” and if there is any question, one should be required to produce those documents immediately to quash any question of eligibility.  It’s that plain and simple.  So why make such a fiasco out of it?  You either are eligible and can prove it, or you aren’t and can’t.  So which is it, Mr. Obama?

SOPA & PIPA Dead…Or Are They?

A loud cheer arose from the internet community when news broke that SOPA and PIPA had been shelved.  No sooner than that cheer arose, TX-21 Rep Lamar Smith was at it again with a new bill.  That’s right, we’re looking at a new bill on internet censorship.  There is also a treaty that has been signed by several countries, including the United States that allows for internet censorship and continual monitoring of your personal activities.  These pieces of legislation are the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) and PCIPA (Protect Children from Internet Pornography Act) also known as H.R. 1981.  As with all bills, the titles sound harmless enough, but the devil is in the details.  So, let’s dive in and see what our government is REALLY up to.

ACTA-   This treaty (yes, you read that right) is an agreement between the Australia, Canada, the European Union (EU), represented by the European Commission and the EU Presidency and the EU Member States, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States of America.  This agreement is supposedly to protect intellectual property rights.  Although that sounds good, there are issues with the actual details in the treaty.  Here is a little video to better help you understand what this treaty would mean for all people involved.

Now that you’ve had a minor run through of the ACTA treaty, here is the actual text to read.  If you are like me, you want to know EXACTLY what this piece of legislation says so you can better combat its existence.   It’s 25 pages long and may be a difficult read if you aren’t used to legalese.

This treaty is a big deal.  All of the monitoring it takes to bring this agreement into fruition is a direct violation of our 4th amendment.  This is allowing them to constantly search our homes, computer, etc. without a warrant.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to give up my right to privacy in my own home just so Hollywood’s elite can save a few bucks from people pirating their stuff.  Do I think the piracy is wrong…yes.  This, however, is NOT the way to go about fighting that.  You cannot give up your rights just so a few can have security.  It won’t work.  There needs to be mass opposition to the signing of this treaty!  The treaty was signed in May 2011, but is open until May 2013.  Anyone may withdraw from this treaty with written notice to the WTO (World Trade Organization).  Within 180 days of receipt of that written notice the participation of the country wishing to withdraw will be withdrawn.  We need to be calling the USTR (United States Trade Representative) and telling them that we DO NOT want to participate in this treaty as it is unconstitutional.  You can contact the USTR here under Intellectual Property & Innovation.  I hope that everyone that reads this will do just that!  Lets fight to keep our 1st and 4th amendments intact!!

PCIPA (H.R. 1981)-  Who would dare to go against something that will protect our children from pornography?  That’s just what TX-21 Rep Lamar Smith is counting on people saying.  If it protects the children it MUST be good, right?  Not always.  I DO NOT condone child pornography in ANY CONTEXT.  I believe it is up to the parents, though to monitor their child’s internet activity.  I think parents should sit with their children while they are on the internet just to keep them from falling into the pitfalls that run so rampant on the internet, but most are too involved in their own things to take time out of their busy schedules to properly police their child’s internet browsing.  This, however, does NOT give the government the right to pass bills that infringe upon our rights.  This bill, once again, just like SOPA and PIPA allows for the government to have the ability to monitor our usage of the internet without a warrant.  Again, I am not for giving up ANY of my rights to feel a little more secure because it DOESN’T work!  We have to take responsibility for our own actions and our family’s actions.  We DO NOT need government to tell us what we can and cannot do in our own homes or to monitor us so we don’t “step out of line”.  That is not their job.  It clearly states in the 4th amendment that the government may only search our property if they have a warrant to do so.  This warrant doesn’t give them a blanket approval so they can come in at any time off one warrant.  Each instance requires a new warrant.  This bill provides for ALL ISPs (internet service providers) to keep records of all usage by their customers for up to 18 months and to provide this freely to the government.  The government HAS TO, by law, get a warrant for that kind of information.  PERIOD.  For this purpose, alone, I disagree with this bill.  It is unconstitutional.  Here is the text of the PCIPA and the text of Title 18 that it is amending.  Again, I ask that everyone that reads this article should contact their Senators and Congress members and ask that this bill be stopped or amended so that it does not infringe upon our 4th amendment right.  We must be vigilant in watching over our rights as the government is so apt to step on them at every turn.  Here is a link to the petition to stop the PCIPA.  Please sign and share the petition with others!

I ask that everyone reading this, please, do your own research and confirm the things that I have found to be true for myself.  If you find something that I have missed, please feel free to let me know and I will immediately look into what you have found.  Again, I repeat, that I am not advocating child internet pornography or any aspect of that.  I AM, however, advocating the upholding of our 1st and 4th amendment rights as well as all rights granted to us by our Creator and guaranteed us in the Constitution.  Go research, fight the good fight, and most of all stay true to our Constitution!  Together, our voices can be heard as witnessed in the fight against SOPA & PIPA.  Lets get the word out and stop these as well!

And Then There Were 4…

So, I know I’m a couple of days late on this one.  Sorry about that.  Rick Perry has finally dropped out of the Presidential candidate race!  This means I no longer have to listen to the Governor I can’t stand talk like he’s the best thing that has ever happened to TX and how right he would be to run our country.  Am I excited?  YOU BET!  While governing here in TX, he has taken land through eminent domain to build highways he intended to sell to foreign entities while charging Texans to use those same roads.  He has also tried to force our children to have a vaccine that is KNOWN to kill…he started with girls and was rapidly moving on to the boys getting the same vaccine.  This is not the guy I want running our country.  I dealt with enough of his crony-governing and bad ideas with him just being the governor.  He talks a good game…telling you exactly what you want to hear so he can tally up the votes, but believe you me, when it comes down to it, he is all about the money and doing what HE wants.  He does NOT have our best interest at heart.  I personally can’t wait to vote him out of the Governor’s office in 2 more years!!!

So, this leaves the field with only 4.  We now have the “media darling”, Mitt Romney, the “Tea Party Tyrant” Newt Gingrich, the “I agree and would have signed the NDAA” Rick Santorum, and the “I stand firm on the Constitution and liberty for all”, Ron Paul.

I don’t know about you, but if the media thinks Mitt Romney is who should be the nominee, that alone makes me want to find out why they are in his pocket.  I’ve seen too many clips of his rudeness to normal people and I just flat out don’t agree with his ideas on policies for this country.  So, he’s out.

Newt…ahh, Newt…there just isn’t enough time to go into every reason I don’t like him.  He’s a warmongering, back room deals taking, corrupt Establishment politician.  I think that’s enough said, there.

Now for Rick Santorum.  A lot ot of pastors here in TX are supporting him as “the biblical candidate”.  I don’t think I will ever understand this.  This guy has actually said on record that he wants to go to war with China!!  He’s all for blowing Iran off the map and all in the name of  “standing by Israel”.  I agree we should be Israel’s ally.  I think we need to listen to her, though.  When Israel says, I don’t need your help, please remove your troops, we can handle our own defense…we should listen.  If they ask for our help, then by all means, go to her aid.  They did not ask us to defend her against Iran, though.  They are perfectly capable of handling that all by themselves, PER THEM!  Then there is the no birth control thing.  I don’t personally take birth control and I don’t personally think it is right for me or my family, but that by NO MEANS means that NO ONE should be able to have birth control!  There are many people that have to have birth control to regulate their cycles and to keep horrible cramps at bay…just taking away birth control is NOT a good idea.  On the up side, he’s pro-life.

Then we have Ron Paul.  Wow…what a guy!!  Who else can say that they have a 30 year voting record to prove they have never once voted against our constitution?  Who else can say that they even know what the constitution says so that they can fully defend it from enemies foreign or domestic?  The only one of these candidates that can claim that, is Ron Paul.  We NEED someone like him to take the U.S. back to where it needs to be.  There is so much government waste in bureaucracy.  I know that Ron Paul could cut this down quite a bit.  Oh, you’re worried about his age?  Nah…he’s a healthy 76 years old.  I have no problem with this, but if you do, then I would worry more about the things he can get done in 4 years than I would about anything else.  We might actually have real country that’s free again in that amount of time.  Is that that worth it?  Not to mention you need to worry about who you can trust going into office with the NDAA in effect.  I’m sorry, but the only one I trust to repeal that and not USE it, is Ron Paul.  In fact, he is the only person that has even attempted to introduce legislation overturning the controversial section 1021 in the NDAA.  That, alone, should tell you something!

I realize that this is a complete opinion piece, but I’m allowed to do that since this is my blog.  I hope you will really think about who you are voting for and who you are trying to put into office.  Really do the research and look at where each person sits on the issues.  I hope you love liberty as much as I do and vote for Ron Paul, but I won’t hold it against you if you really do the research, KNOW who you are voting for, and they fall in line with YOUR view on the issues.  Just make sure you have all the information, first.  Don’t listen to the media, don’t listen to just the campaign speeches, research their voting record, research their governing record, look as far back as you can and realize that leopards don’t change their spots…they just paint over them in election years.  Good luck researching!!


Here are a few sites that I found helpful:

YouTube.com –  Go look up all the videos good and bad of your candidate.  After watching them all, do you still agree with them?

Govtrack.us –  You can go here to look up how your candidate voted in Congress or the Senate.  This is a very handy tool.  Sometimes our candidates don’t exactly remember how they voted.  Hold them accountable for the way they actually did vote.

http://www.NRA.org –  See how they score with the NRA, not necessarily who the NRA endorses, just how they were graded on gun rights.

http://www.nrlc.com – If you are concerned with how they stand on Pro-Life issues, check here to see how they score the candidates on being pro-life.

http://www.google.com  Use this to find out information about what your candidate did as governor over the whole length of their term.  Read articles both good and bad.

Then think about asking the candidates questions that are important to you.  You can send them an email or tweet with your question or go to one of the Town Hall meetings they will do or campaign trail stops.

Read books about your candidate or by your candidate if you can, as well.

Become familiar with the things your candidate talks about.   If you don’t know what Austrian Economics is or who Mises, was, find out.  Technology is an amazing thing.  Get educated on your candidate and the others.  KNOW who you are voting for!

28% of Americans Have Read the Entire U.S. Constitution?!?

I encourage all my readers to go read this article.  I also encourage you ALL to take the challenge presented.


28% of Americans Have Read the Entire U.S. Constitution?!?.

Do Unto Others…EXCEPT in South Carolina!

Tonight was the South Carolina debate for the GOP candidates.  I must say that I was absolutely appalled at all the warmongering speeches coming from the podiums!  On a daily basis you hear people talk about how we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring out troops home.  It’s absolutely nuts that all it takes to get people in this country riled up for another war is the GOP screaming that some middle eastern country is about to have nukes.  If people would FACT CHECK these statements, they would find that the GOP has been screaming Iran was “about to have nuclear weapon capabilities” since 1984!  During 1984 it was said that Iran was 7 years away from nuclear weapon capabilities.  Then again in 1995 it was said they were closer than we thought to nuclear weapon capabilities.  Then again in 1999, they were supposedly 6 months from nuclear weapon capabilities.  Here were are now in 2012 and Iran STILL HAS NO NUCLEAR WEAPON CAPABILITIES!!  The uranium that Iran has is mostly enrinched to 3.5%.  They have begun enriching to 20% (which is an isotope that is for cancer patients) and declared it through the IAEA as they are required to do!!  Weapons grade Uranium is 90% !! That’s a long way to go to get to nuclear weapon capabilities!  The GOP is fear-mongering to push the people into believing that we MUST go to war!  The people have obviously fallen for this once again hook, line, and sinker!!  In tonight’s debate in Myrtle Beach, SC, the whole audience cheered for going to war and booed the Christian way of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This message is SO important that it is written in the Bible TWICE!  Once in Matthew 7:12 and again in Luke 6:31! HOW UTTERLY SAD!!!!!  I think this “Bible belt” state has forgotten that Christ gave us that rule.  They must have also forgotten that He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” (Matt 5:9)  This is the seventh beatitude mentioned in Matthew 5:3-12.  “It would have shocked most Jews (in this case Americans) in the crowd. Jews were looking for ‘Messiah’ who would overthrow the Roman empire (in this case all middle Eastern and Obama’s empires) and establish an earthly kingdom (American Empire). But Jesus supports peace and encourages the peacemakers. Once again, Kingdom of Heaven defies the norm of earthly kingdom, which is established by power, force and wars.” (Bible Study on the Beatitudes)  Does that make you think twice about wanting to go full fledged into war with ANOTHER country?  Are we acting like the Christians we CLAIM to be?  This is why it absolutely perplexes me that a Christian country would CHEER for war and BOO peace!  Maybe we should all get back into our Bibles that we claim to model our everyday after and REALLY think about what Jesus would want us to do!  We’ve been given a great opportunity to stand up and speak for peace, people!!!  Let’s stop the warmongering and cheering for war and essentially the death of our sons and daughters, and move toward peace as Christ has told us to do!

Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll

The Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll was this weekend in Houston at Minute Maid Park.  There were vendors of all kinds, speeches of ever persuasion, and lots of entertainment, too!  I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how the vote was going to go, but I was hoping and praying that it would go to Ron Paul!

The first day, January 12, 2012, was  mostly registering and getting settled.  There was mixer where you could go around to the booths while listening to music and there was a special guest, Andrew Breitbart from Breitbart TV.  This was the first look at all the goodies that were going to be there.  They had so many awesome shirts!  I could have spent so much money out there!

The second day, January 13, 2012,  started at about 8AM.  Andrew Breitbart gave a keynote address before we started listening to candidate stump speeches for John Culberson and Kevin Brady for U.S. House Rep and Lela Mae Pittenger for U.S. Senate.  These speeches were pretty much all talking points of their positions on the issues, and a little bit of Q&A.  I wanted to ask why they both voted for the NDAA, but didn’t get the chance.  Dick Armey from FreedomWorks was there to speak and KrisAnn Hale, a constitutional attorney and conservative speaker was also speaking that morning.  At about noon, everyone took a lunch break.  Upon returning from lunch, there were more candidate speeches.  The first one up was David Simpson for Texas State House.  He is a great speaker!!  He was very personable and eager to answer questions.  He didn’t seem like your normal politician, all guarded and dodging answers.  I voted for him last election cycle and he definitely has my vote this round, too!  His stance on the issues falls right in line with my libertarian views!!  Next up was Carl Smith, author and founder of the Conservative Messenger.  Then Mike Sullivan from Empower Texans gave a short speech.  Next to talk was Alan Vera from True the Vote.   At about 3PM there was a Verterans Tribute.  There were people from the Texas Wounded Warrior project, The Lone Survivor Foundation, and a local VFW.  This was hosted by U.S. House Rep Ted Poe and Joe Pags of 950 radio.  It was a very nice tribute to our service men and women!  The night ended with a concert from Kevin Black and a VIP cocktail party in the executive boardroom with some of the U.S. Senatorial candidates and live music.

The last day, January 14th, 2012, was the vote day!  The day kicked off at 9AM with Matte Kibbe of FreedomWorks.  After the kickoff, we heard from several U.S. Senatorial candidates including Tom Leppert, Doc Joe Agris, Lt. Gov. David Dewherst, and my personal favorite Glenn Addison.  During this time we also heard from Karen DeSimone, founder of Truth for American Teens.  She talked to the audience which included quite a few teens about the political system, voting, and how to get involved. Then there was a speech from Buddy Pilgrim from Integrity Management.  At this point we broke early for lunch and we decided to skip the next block of speeches and go stand in line to vote.  I cast my vote for Ron Paul for president, Glenn Addison for U.S. Senate, David Simpson for Texas State House, and Bob Hall for Texas Senate.  Once the results were out, I found out that Ron Paul won the Presidential vote!!!!!!!!! Glenn Addison did not get the U.S. Senate vote, it went to Ted Cruz.  David Simpson got 100% of the vote for Texas State House!!!!  No, he wasn’t running unopposed!  How awesome is that?  Then Bob Hall won the vote for Texas State Senate!  I guess I did pretty well picking out my choices!!  I can tell we have a little more work to do for Glenn Addison, though.  Maybe now that people know he is out there, they will research and get to know him a little better.  Hopefully, come the actual primary, he will win!  At this point, we were ready to get going and head home.  I can’t tell you how utterly excited I was that Ron Paul won!!!  I was almost sure all the Establishment people that had put Perry back in office as Governor would have voted for him for President, but THANK GOD that didn’t happen!  I was so excited for Ron Paul that I actually squealed and jumped up and down!!!  This bodes VERY well for the primary here!!!!!!!!  Ok, so now I’m going to put the results for EVERYONE down here so you can see how other candidates did besides mine.

The In Person Vote:

TOTAL VOTES  IN PERSON (Presidential Race) 707

Newt Gingrich 23.8%
Rick Perry 19.4%
Ron Paul 27.9%
Mitt Romney 6.6%
Jon Huntsman 1.1%
Rick Santorum 21.2%
Charles “Buddy” Roemer 0.0%
Glenn Addison 19.9%
Tom Leppert 3.0%
David Dewhurst 10.3%
Curt Cleaver 0.0%
Ted Cruz 47.8%
Charles Holcomb 0.7%
Ben Gambini 0.0%
Lela Pittenger 7.2%
“Doc Joe” Agris 1.2%
Craig James 9.9%
DISTRICT 3 Sam Johnson 0.0%
Josh Caesar 0.0%
Harry Pierce 0.0%
DISTRICT 4 Ralph Hall 75.0%
John Cooper 25.0%
Lou Gigliotti 0.0%
DISTRICT 6 Joe Barton 86.7%
Joe Chow 6.7%
Frank Kuchar 6.7%
DISTRICT 8 Kevin Brady 61.3%
Larry Youngblood 38.7%
DISTRICT 10 Michael McCaul 70.6%
Ernie Beltz, Jr. 8.8%
Eddie Traylor 20.6%
DISTRICT 11 Mike Conaway 0.0%
Chris Younts 100.0%
DISTRICT 13 Mac Thornberry 66.7%
Pam Barlow 33.3%
DISTRICT 14 Michael Truncale 8.8%
DISTRICT 14 Tim Day 1.1%
DISTRICT 14 Randy Weber 14.3%
DISTRICT 14 John Gay 1.1%
Bill Sargent 0.0%
George Harper 9.9%
Jay Old 1.1%
Mark Mansius 0.0%
Robert Gonzalez 62.6%
Felicia Harris 1.1%
DISTRICT 15 Jim Kuiken 0.0%
Eddie Zamora 100.0%
Dale A. Brueggemann 0.0%
DISTRICT 22 Pete Olson 48.5%
Barbara Carlson 51.5%
DISTRICT 24 Kenny Marchant 0.0%
Grant Stinchfield 0.0%
DISTRICT 25 Wes Riddle 40.0%
DISTRICT 25 Dianne Costa 0.0%
DISTRICT 25 Michael Williams 60.0%
Dave Garrison 0.0%
Bill Burch 0.0%
Chad Wilbanks 0.0%
Brian Matthews 0.0%
Justin Hewlett 0.0%
DISTRICT 27 Blake Farenthold 83.3%
Don Al Middlebrook 16.7%
DISTRICT 33 Bill Lawrence 0.0%
DISTRICT 33 Chuck Bradley 33.3%
Roger Williams 66.7%
Monte Mitchell 0.0%
DISTRICT 34 Trey Roberts 0.0%
DISTRICT 34 Paul B. Haring 0.0%
DISTRICT 34 Bill Tofte 87.0%
John Grunwald 4.3%
Marc Young 0.0%
Adela Garza 4.3%
Jessica Puente Bradshaw 4.3%
DISTRICT 35 Susan Narvaiz 0.0%
Rob Roark 100.0%
DISTRICT 36 Kim Morrell 0.0%
DISTRICT 36 Lois  Dickson Myers 4.5%
DISTRICT 36 Stephen Takach 2.3%
Jim Engstrand 84.1%
Jerry L. Doyle 0.0%
Mike Jackson 9.1%
Ky D. Griffin 0.0%
2 Bob Deuell 33.3%
Bob Hall 66.7%
3 Robert Nichols 48.0%
Tammy Blair 52.0%
5 Charles Schwertner 41.0%
Ben Bius 59.0%
8 Scott O’Grady 50.7%
Ken Paxton 49.3%
9 Rodney Anderson 20.0%
Kelly Hancock 60.0%
9 Toby Goodman 20.0%
11 Daniel McCool 75.5%
11 Dave Norman 11.3%
Larry Taylor 13.2%
25 Jeff Wentworth 6.4%
25 Donna Campbell 34.0%
Elizabeth Ames Jones 59.6%
30 Craig Estes 100.0%
Jim Herblin 0.0%
31 Kel Seliger 66.7%
Randy Rives 33.3%
3 Jim Pruitt 48.4%
3 Bob Bagley 22.6%
Cecil Bell Jr 16.1%
Scott Turner 12.9%
4 Lance Gooden 66.7%
Stuart Spitzer 33.3%
6 Leo Berman 60.0%
Matt Schaefer 40.0%
7 David Simpson 100.0%
Tommy Merritt 0.0%
8 Byron Cook 50.0%
Bobby Vickery 50.0%
9 Wayne Christian 100.0%
Chris Paddie 0.0%
10 Jim Pitts 0.0%
10 TJ Fabby 100.0%
Linda Bounds 0.0%
Matthew Melton 0.0%
11 Chuck Hopson 66.7%
11 Tony Sevilla 33.3%
Travis Clardy 0.0%
12 Marva Beck 50.0%
12 Josh Tetens 0.0%
Trent  Ashby 50.0%
15 Rob Eissler 33.3%
Steve Toth 66.7%
18 John Otto 73.8%
Dwayne Stovall 26.3%
19 James White 25.0%
Mike Hamilton 75.0%
21 Allan Ritter 46.2%
Daniel Miller 53.8%
23 Wm. O. (Bill) Wallace 6.3%
23 Wayne Faircloth 31.3%
Rachel Delgado 62.5%
24 Greg Bonnen 5.9%
Heidi Theiss 94.1%
26 Jacquie Chaumette 55.9%
26 Diana Miller 2.9%
Sonal Bhuchar 0.0%
Rick Miller 41.2%
29 Ed Thompson 9.7%
29 Eric Johnson 6.5%
Debra Rosenthal-Ritter 83.9%
47 Paul Workman 100.0%
Ryan Downton 0.0%
53 Harvey Hilderbran 0.0%
Cary Wise 0.0%
55 Ralph Sheffield 66.7%
John Alaniz 33.3%
57 Chris Scotti 50.0%
57 Kyle J. Kacal 0.0%
Timothy Delasandro 50.0%
59 Sid Miller 0.0%
59 J.D. Sheffield 0.0%
Mike Jones 0.0%
60 Jim Keffer 0.0%
Richard Ashton 0.0%
64 Myra Crownover 0.0%
Mike Brucia 0.0%
65 Larry Jones 0.0%
Mike Hennefer 0.0%
65 Ron Simmons 0.0%
67 Jeff Leach 0.0%
67 John Pitchford 0.0%
Roger Burns 0.0%
Jon Cole 0.0%
68 Drew Springer 0.0%
68 Paul Braswell 0.0%
68 David Isbell 0.0%
Fred Skeen 0.0%
Trent McKnight 0.0%
73 Doug Miller 0.0%
Rob Smith 0.0%
74 Thomas Kinkaid 100.0%
Dora Alcalá 0.0%
83 Charles Perry 0.0%
Delwin Jones 0.0%
85 Jim Landroop 0.0%
85 Lee Dugan 33.3%
85 Mac Smith 0.0%
Ken King 0.0%
Phil Stephenson 66.7%
Gary Walker 0.0%
88 Amber Fulton 0.0%
Pat Fallon 0.0%
91 Barbara Nash 0.0%
91 Ken Sapp 0.0%
91 Charles Scoma 0.0%
Lady Theresa Thombs 0.0%
Patricia  Pat Carlson 0.0%
92 Todd Smith 0.0%
Jonathan Stickland 100.0%
96 Bill Zedler 0.0%
Mike Leyman 0.0%
97 Susan Todd 50.0%
Craig Goldman 50.0%
98 Vicki Truitt 50.0%
Giovanni Capriglionne 50.0%
101 Dick Elkins 0.0%
Stephanie Klick 0.0%
114 Kenneth Sheets 0.0%
114 Jason Villalba 0.0%
David Boone 0.0%
Bill Keffer 0.0%
115 Steve Nguyen 0.0%
115 Matt Rinaldi 0.0%
115 Andy Olivo 0.0%
Bennett Ratliff 0.0%
Kevin Dunn 0.0%
121 Joe Straus 0.0%
Matt Beebe 100.0%
125 James Lewey 0.0%
Alma Perez Jackson 100.0%
127 Dan Huberty 76.7%
Bobby Jordan 23.3%
129 John Davis 31.7%
Mary Huls 68.3%
132 Bill Callegari 66.7%
Randy Brown 33.3%
133 Jim Murphy 100.0%
Grant Johnston 0.0%
136 Mike Schofield 25.0%
136 Mano Deayala 0.0%
Ann Witt 37.5%
Pam Holm 37.5%
150 Debbie Riddle 78.6%
James Wilson 21.4%

The Text Vote:

TOTAL VOTES CAST (Presidential Race)  3321

Newt Gingrich 11.9%
Rick Perry 13.3%
Ron Paul 54.4%
Mitt Romney 4.2%
Jon Huntsman 0.5%
Rick Santorum 15.6%
Charles “Buddy” Roemer 0.0%
Glenn Addison 12.0%
Tom Leppert 9.1%
David Dewhurst 7.1%
Curt Cleaver 0.0%
Ted Cruz 49.1%
Charles Holcomb 0.3%
Ben Gambini 0.0%
Lela Pittenger 9.1%
“Doc Joe” Agris 0.3%
Craig James 12.9%
DISTRICT 3 Sam Johnson 0.0%
Josh Caesar 75.0%
Harry Pierce 25.0%
DISTRICT 4 Ralph Hall 79.5%
John Cooper 6.8%
Lou Gigliotti 13.6%
DISTRICT 6 Joe Barton 26.3%
Joe Chow 51.3%
Frank Kuchar 22.4%
DISTRICT 8 Kevin Brady 26.7%
Larry Youngblood 73.3%
DISTRICT 10 Michael McCaul 15.9%
Ernie Beltz, Jr. 37.7%
Eddie Traylor 46.4%
DISTRICT 11 Mike Conaway 25.0%
Chris Younts 75.0%
DISTRICT 13 Mac Thornberry 52.6%
Pam Barlow 47.4%
DISTRICT 14 Michael Truncale 24.7%
DISTRICT 14 Tim Day 0.0%
DISTRICT 14 Randy Weber 32.0%
DISTRICT 14 John Gay 1.0%
Bill Sargent 0.7%
George Harper 0.7%
Jay Old 0.3%
Mark Mansius 0.0%
Robert Gonzalez 39.3%
Felicia Harris 1.3%
DISTRICT 15 Jim Kuiken 0.0%
Eddie Zamora 85.7%
Dale A. Brueggemann 14.3%
DISTRICT 22 Pete Olson 74.5%
Barbara Carlson 25.5%
DISTRICT 24 Kenny Marchant 33.9%
Grant Stinchfield 66.1%
DISTRICT 25 Wes Riddle 12.2%
DISTRICT 25 Dianne Costa 4.3%
DISTRICT 25 Michael Williams 29.6%
Dave Garrison 4.3% .
Bill Burch 1.7%
Chad Wilbanks 1.7%
Brian Matthews 46.1%
Justin Hewlett 0.0%
DISTRICT 27 Blake Farenthold 37.5%
Don Al Middlebrook 62.5%
DISTRICT 33 Bill Lawrence 0.0%
DISTRICT 33 Chuck Bradley 0.0%
Roger Williams 100.0%
Monte Mitchell 0.0%
DISTRICT 34 Trey Roberts 0.0%
DISTRICT 34 Paul B. Haring 4.3%
DISTRICT 34 Bill Tofte 47.1%
John Grunwald 0.0%
Marc Young 0.0%
Adela Garza 21.4%
Jessica Puente Bradshaw 27.1%
DISTRICT 35 Susan Narvaiz 50.0%
Rob Roark 50.0%
DISTRICT 36 Kim Morrell 0.9%
DISTRICT 36 Lois  Dickson Myers 0.0%
DISTRICT 36 Stephen Takach 4.3%
Jim Engstrand 44.3%
Jerry L. Doyle 0.9%
Mike Jackson 49.6%
Ky D. Griffin 0.0%
2 Bob Deuell 40.0%
Bob Hall 60.0%
3 Robert Nichols 36.4%
Tammy Blair 63.6%
5 Charles Schwertner 41.2%
Ben Bius 58.8%
8 Scott O’Grady 29.4%
Ken Paxton 70.6%
9 Rodney Anderson 41.2%
Kelly Hancock 52.9%
9 Toby Goodman 5.9%
11 Daniel McCool 63.3%
11 Dave Norman 12.4%
Larry Taylor 24.3%
25 Jeff Wentworth 7.6%
25 Donna Campbell 84.8%
Elizabeth Ames Jones 7.6%
30 Craig Estes 34.2%
Jim Herblin 65.8%
31 Kel Seliger 26.7%
Randy Rives 73.3%
3 Jim Pruitt 31.3%
3 Bob Bagley 2.0%
Cecil Bell Jr 20.2%
Scott Turner 46.5%
4 Lance Gooden 7.4%
Stuart Spitzer 92.6%
6 Leo Berman 0.0%
Matt Schaefer 0.0%
7 David Simpson 99.0%
Tommy Merritt 1.0%
8 Byron Cook 5.9%
Bobby Vickery 94.1%
9 Wayne Christian 77.3%
Chris Paddie 22.7%
10 Jim Pitts 2.6%
10 TJ Fabby 89.7%
Linda Bounds 7.7%
Matthew Melton 0.0%
11 Chuck Hopson 0.0%
11 Tony Sevilla 25.0%
Travis Clardy 75.0%
12 Marva Beck 3.6%
12 Josh Tetens 92.9%
Trent  Ashby 3.6%
15 Rob Eissler 1.2%
Steve Toth 98.8%
18 John Otto 100.0%
Dwayne Stovall 0.0%
19 James White 100.0%
Mike Hamilton 0.0%
21 Allan Ritter 0.0%
Daniel Miller 100.0%
23 Wm. O. (Bill) Wallace 6.5%
23 Wayne Faircloth 6.5%
Rachel Delgado 87.1%
24 Greg Bonnen 6.9%
Heidi Theiss 93.1%
26 Jacquie Chaumette 30.8%
26 Diana Miller 0.5%
Sonal Bhuchar 53.2%
Rick Miller 15.5%
29 Ed Thompson 40.0%
29 Eric Johnson 0.0%
Debra Rosenthal-Ritter 60.0%
47 Paul Workman 25.0%
Ryan Downton 75.0%
53 Harvey Hilderbran 0.0%
Cary Wise 100.0%
55 Ralph Sheffield 50.0%
John Alaniz 50.0%
57 Chris Scotti 0.0%
57 Kyle J. Kacal 100.0%
Timothy Delasandro 0.0%
59 Sid Miller 66.7%
59 J.D. Sheffield 0.0%
Mike Jones 33.3%
60 Jim Keffer 50.0%
Richard Ashton 50.0%
64 Myra Crownover 36.4%
Mike Brucia 63.6%
65 Larry Jones 6.3%
Mike Hennefer 31.3%
65 Ron Simmons 62.5%
67 Jeff Leach 59.2%
67 John Pitchford 0.0%
Roger Burns 21.5%
Jon Cole 19.4%
68 Drew Springer 100.0%
68 Paul Braswell 0.0%
68 David Isbell 0.0%
Fred Skeen 0.0%
Trent McKnight 0.0%
73 Doug Miller 0.0%
Rob Smith 100.0%
74 Thomas Kinkaid 0.0%
Dora Alcalá 100.0%
83 Charles Perry 75.0%
Delwin Jones 25.0%
85 Jim Landroop 55.9%
85 Lee Dugan 17.3%
85 Mac Smith 0.0%
Ken King 5.5%
Phil Stephenson 21.3%
Gary Walker 0.0%
88 Amber Fulton 32.7%
Pat Fallon 67.3%
91 Barbara Nash 0.0%
91 Ken Sapp 0.0%
91 Charles Scoma 0.0%
Lady Theresa Thombs 0.0%
Patricia  Pat Carlson 100.0%
92 Todd Smith 0.0%
Jonathan Stickland 100.0%
96 Bill Zedler 75.0%
Mike Leyman 25.0%
97 Susan Todd 66.7%
Craig Goldman 33.3%
98 Vicki Truitt 4.4%
Giovanni Capriglionne 95.6%
101 Dick Elkins 0.0%
Stephanie Klick 100.0%
114 Kenneth Sheets 36.4%
114 Jason Villalba 18.2%
David Boone 0.0%
Bill Keffer 45.5%
115 Steve Nguyen 1.1%
115 Matt Rinaldi 17.6%
115 Andy Olivo 1.1%
Bennett Ratliff 79.1%
Kevin Dunn 1.1%
121 Joe Straus 61.4%
Matt Beebe 38.6%
125 James Lewey 0.0%
Alma Perez Jackson 100.0%
127 Dan Huberty 95.6%
Bobby Jordan 4.4%
129 John Davis 42.1%
Mary Huls 57.9%
132 Bill Callegari 29.6%
Randy Brown 70.4%
133 Jim Murphy 100.0%
Grant Johnston 0.0%
136 Mike Schofield 15.5%
136 Mano Deayala 82.4%
Ann Witt 0.5%
Pam Holm 1.6%
150 Debbie Riddle 80.6%
James Wilson 19.4%