And Then There Were 4…

So, I know I’m a couple of days late on this one.  Sorry about that.  Rick Perry has finally dropped out of the Presidential candidate race!  This means I no longer have to listen to the Governor I can’t stand talk like he’s the best thing that has ever happened to TX and how right he would be to run our country.  Am I excited?  YOU BET!  While governing here in TX, he has taken land through eminent domain to build highways he intended to sell to foreign entities while charging Texans to use those same roads.  He has also tried to force our children to have a vaccine that is KNOWN to kill…he started with girls and was rapidly moving on to the boys getting the same vaccine.  This is not the guy I want running our country.  I dealt with enough of his crony-governing and bad ideas with him just being the governor.  He talks a good game…telling you exactly what you want to hear so he can tally up the votes, but believe you me, when it comes down to it, he is all about the money and doing what HE wants.  He does NOT have our best interest at heart.  I personally can’t wait to vote him out of the Governor’s office in 2 more years!!!

So, this leaves the field with only 4.  We now have the “media darling”, Mitt Romney, the “Tea Party Tyrant” Newt Gingrich, the “I agree and would have signed the NDAA” Rick Santorum, and the “I stand firm on the Constitution and liberty for all”, Ron Paul.

I don’t know about you, but if the media thinks Mitt Romney is who should be the nominee, that alone makes me want to find out why they are in his pocket.  I’ve seen too many clips of his rudeness to normal people and I just flat out don’t agree with his ideas on policies for this country.  So, he’s out.

Newt…ahh, Newt…there just isn’t enough time to go into every reason I don’t like him.  He’s a warmongering, back room deals taking, corrupt Establishment politician.  I think that’s enough said, there.

Now for Rick Santorum.  A lot ot of pastors here in TX are supporting him as “the biblical candidate”.  I don’t think I will ever understand this.  This guy has actually said on record that he wants to go to war with China!!  He’s all for blowing Iran off the map and all in the name of  “standing by Israel”.  I agree we should be Israel’s ally.  I think we need to listen to her, though.  When Israel says, I don’t need your help, please remove your troops, we can handle our own defense…we should listen.  If they ask for our help, then by all means, go to her aid.  They did not ask us to defend her against Iran, though.  They are perfectly capable of handling that all by themselves, PER THEM!  Then there is the no birth control thing.  I don’t personally take birth control and I don’t personally think it is right for me or my family, but that by NO MEANS means that NO ONE should be able to have birth control!  There are many people that have to have birth control to regulate their cycles and to keep horrible cramps at bay…just taking away birth control is NOT a good idea.  On the up side, he’s pro-life.

Then we have Ron Paul.  Wow…what a guy!!  Who else can say that they have a 30 year voting record to prove they have never once voted against our constitution?  Who else can say that they even know what the constitution says so that they can fully defend it from enemies foreign or domestic?  The only one of these candidates that can claim that, is Ron Paul.  We NEED someone like him to take the U.S. back to where it needs to be.  There is so much government waste in bureaucracy.  I know that Ron Paul could cut this down quite a bit.  Oh, you’re worried about his age?  Nah…he’s a healthy 76 years old.  I have no problem with this, but if you do, then I would worry more about the things he can get done in 4 years than I would about anything else.  We might actually have real country that’s free again in that amount of time.  Is that that worth it?  Not to mention you need to worry about who you can trust going into office with the NDAA in effect.  I’m sorry, but the only one I trust to repeal that and not USE it, is Ron Paul.  In fact, he is the only person that has even attempted to introduce legislation overturning the controversial section 1021 in the NDAA.  That, alone, should tell you something!

I realize that this is a complete opinion piece, but I’m allowed to do that since this is my blog.  I hope you will really think about who you are voting for and who you are trying to put into office.  Really do the research and look at where each person sits on the issues.  I hope you love liberty as much as I do and vote for Ron Paul, but I won’t hold it against you if you really do the research, KNOW who you are voting for, and they fall in line with YOUR view on the issues.  Just make sure you have all the information, first.  Don’t listen to the media, don’t listen to just the campaign speeches, research their voting record, research their governing record, look as far back as you can and realize that leopards don’t change their spots…they just paint over them in election years.  Good luck researching!!


Here are a few sites that I found helpful: –  Go look up all the videos good and bad of your candidate.  After watching them all, do you still agree with them? –  You can go here to look up how your candidate voted in Congress or the Senate.  This is a very handy tool.  Sometimes our candidates don’t exactly remember how they voted.  Hold them accountable for the way they actually did vote. –  See how they score with the NRA, not necessarily who the NRA endorses, just how they were graded on gun rights. – If you are concerned with how they stand on Pro-Life issues, check here to see how they score the candidates on being pro-life.  Use this to find out information about what your candidate did as governor over the whole length of their term.  Read articles both good and bad.

Then think about asking the candidates questions that are important to you.  You can send them an email or tweet with your question or go to one of the Town Hall meetings they will do or campaign trail stops.

Read books about your candidate or by your candidate if you can, as well.

Become familiar with the things your candidate talks about.   If you don’t know what Austrian Economics is or who Mises, was, find out.  Technology is an amazing thing.  Get educated on your candidate and the others.  KNOW who you are voting for!


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