It’s Protest Time As TransCanada Sicks Legal Hounds on Texas Property Rights

It’s protest time as TransCanada sicks legal hounds on Texas property rights.

This is the latest in the battle over property rights in Texas. People need to be aware of what rights they have and how they can fight eminent domain. Governor Perry should be ashamed of himself for NOT stepping in and protecting the citizens of Texas from an illegal land grab by a company with no federal or state permit that is also NOT a common carrier! Right now I am thanking my lucky stars that he dropped out of the Presidential race! If he refuses to stand up for the citizens of Texas as the Governor, just imagine what he would let happen to our nation…and all for the highest bidder. It sickens me to think of how he talks about standing up for our rights and then just allows this to happen!! Pass on this article, please so others are aware of what is happening!! A special thank you to We Texans, Texas TURF, Independent Texans, and Texans for Accountable Government for stepping in and helping other Texans to fight for their property rights! Without activists like you, there would be no hope! My thoughts and prayers go out to Julia Trigg Crawford and family as they stand up for their property rights against this big foreign corporation and the complacent government!


Over 100 people took part in the protest this morning on the steps of the Lamar County Courthouse in a show of support for Julia Trigg Crawford and ALL Texans’ property rights! Read more about the protest in this article:

I will update as I get more information!! Please pay attention to what’s going on around you!! We must be vigilant in fighting for our freedom, liberty, and even our property!


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