State candidates inspire a nation: Tammy Blair on politics and Texas

This article was written by my friend Danny De Gracia II.  Tammy Blair is a Liberty Candidate for 2014 for the Texas State Senate District 3 seat.  Her opponent is Robert Nichols, better known as “Mr. Trans Texas Corridor” for all the pushing he has done to implement Agenda 21 through transportation in Texas.  He claims the Corridor is dead, but it’s just been renamed and is now being pieced together one toll road at a time.  If you love liberty and are willing to work outside of your district or state to help spread liberty, I encourage you to help out Tammy Blair!  You can check out here website at and her Facebook at

If you are in Texas Senate District 3, we need regional and county coordinators and we are always looking for volunteers to help, too!

Texas Senate District 3 encompasses 19 counties, including:
Anderson, Angelina, Cherokee, Hardin, Henderson, Houston, Jasper, Liberty, Montgomery, Nacogdoches, Newton, Orange, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity, and Tyler counties.

State candidates inspire a nation: Tammy Blair on politics and Texas.


28% of Americans Have Read the Entire U.S. Constitution?!?

I encourage all my readers to go read this article.  I also encourage you ALL to take the challenge presented.


28% of Americans Have Read the Entire U.S. Constitution?!?.

Do Unto Others…EXCEPT in South Carolina!

Tonight was the South Carolina debate for the GOP candidates.  I must say that I was absolutely appalled at all the warmongering speeches coming from the podiums!  On a daily basis you hear people talk about how we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring out troops home.  It’s absolutely nuts that all it takes to get people in this country riled up for another war is the GOP screaming that some middle eastern country is about to have nukes.  If people would FACT CHECK these statements, they would find that the GOP has been screaming Iran was “about to have nuclear weapon capabilities” since 1984!  During 1984 it was said that Iran was 7 years away from nuclear weapon capabilities.  Then again in 1995 it was said they were closer than we thought to nuclear weapon capabilities.  Then again in 1999, they were supposedly 6 months from nuclear weapon capabilities.  Here were are now in 2012 and Iran STILL HAS NO NUCLEAR WEAPON CAPABILITIES!!  The uranium that Iran has is mostly enrinched to 3.5%.  They have begun enriching to 20% (which is an isotope that is for cancer patients) and declared it through the IAEA as they are required to do!!  Weapons grade Uranium is 90% !! That’s a long way to go to get to nuclear weapon capabilities!  The GOP is fear-mongering to push the people into believing that we MUST go to war!  The people have obviously fallen for this once again hook, line, and sinker!!  In tonight’s debate in Myrtle Beach, SC, the whole audience cheered for going to war and booed the Christian way of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This message is SO important that it is written in the Bible TWICE!  Once in Matthew 7:12 and again in Luke 6:31! HOW UTTERLY SAD!!!!!  I think this “Bible belt” state has forgotten that Christ gave us that rule.  They must have also forgotten that He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” (Matt 5:9)  This is the seventh beatitude mentioned in Matthew 5:3-12.  “It would have shocked most Jews (in this case Americans) in the crowd. Jews were looking for ‘Messiah’ who would overthrow the Roman empire (in this case all middle Eastern and Obama’s empires) and establish an earthly kingdom (American Empire). But Jesus supports peace and encourages the peacemakers. Once again, Kingdom of Heaven defies the norm of earthly kingdom, which is established by power, force and wars.” (Bible Study on the Beatitudes)  Does that make you think twice about wanting to go full fledged into war with ANOTHER country?  Are we acting like the Christians we CLAIM to be?  This is why it absolutely perplexes me that a Christian country would CHEER for war and BOO peace!  Maybe we should all get back into our Bibles that we claim to model our everyday after and REALLY think about what Jesus would want us to do!  We’ve been given a great opportunity to stand up and speak for peace, people!!!  Let’s stop the warmongering and cheering for war and essentially the death of our sons and daughters, and move toward peace as Christ has told us to do!

The Awakening

In my life, I have always paid attention to politics, even as a small child. I’m not sure what made me so interested, but with my first mock election in elementary school, I was hooked. The school had us vote for the Presidential Election of 1984. It was Ronald Reagan against Walter Mondale. I was a very independent thinker even then, so it didn’t matter what my parents thought or what my teachers thought, I was going to form my own opinion. I remember listening to them speak and asking questions about each candidate. Come time for the mock vote at school, I KNEW who I was voting for. I had decided that Reagan’s message of liberty and freedom was just common sense! I didn’t like Walter Mondale at all! So, I cast my vote for Reagan. Apparently 58.8% of the country agreed with me. I continued to pay attention to the elections as they came up each time and always knew exactly who I wanted to vote for. I knew I was a die hard republican!
I remember being able to go vote for the first time. I was so excited to cast my vote! I had my mom drive me to the polling location and I excitedly went in and presented my voter registration card and my driver’s license. I walked to the voting booth and quickly punched the mark for an all Republican ticket. Wow! I was letting my voice be heard!!
For the next presidential election, I was a military wife with a 2 year old and was pregnant with my second child. It is amazing the things you learn once you really get out into the world and have a family of your own. Again, in the election, I voted a straight Republican ballot, but with more knowledge that I was absolutely voting my principles. I was so happy to vote that year, even if it was by absentee ballot. I must admit I LOVED having George W. Bush win, knowing I had voted for him. You see, my family knew his family personally. I’d met him on many occasions and just LOVED him and Laura, too. They were two of the sweetest people I’d ever met! My grandparents knew their parents and spoke so highly of them and of George and Laura. I guess this influenced my opinion quite a bit. I know that President George W. Bush prayed about his actions before he did anything. What a great person to have leading this country! As you can imagine I voted for him the second time around, too. That election I got so involved I actually worked on George Bush’s campaign. I became a member of the Young Republicans in my town and worked diligently to get him re-elected. That election was exciting and scary all at the same time. It really felt like it was THE most important election, ever. I could almost feel our country being thrown away by the democratic party. We HAD to vote George Bush to save us.
It’s funny how with each election you get the feeling that it’s more and more important than the last. Come the election of 2008, I was never more convinced of that. There was this outrage against the president I had loved so much and you could feel the pull of the country in the opposite direction. I researched ALL of the candidates and was not very happy about the ones that had been presented until I found former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. I wished I had know about him sooner. I was so excited to find him as my candidate. I eagerly joined his campaign and worked very had to make sure people in my town knew about him. Come the primary, my sister, husband and I all went to vote together and then waited to see the election returns. We were so excited. Unfortunately, Mike Huckabee did not win the nomination and we got stuck with John McCain. This was the first time I really felt out of sorts with my party. Going to vote in the general election was awful. Again, my sister, my husband, and I all went together and we all felt HORRIBLE voting for McCain, but he was the lesser of two evils at the time. I felt actual disgust in voting for him. How could my party betray itself by nominating this very moderate “conservative”? In my opinion, he might as well have been a democrat. Obviously, he didn’t win and we ended up with an even worse scenario. Now we had a man that I believe wasn’t even eligible to be President in the office. The fact that my party just seemed to sit back and accept that made me even more unhappy with them.
During all this time I was also following other elected officials and their elections and voting in those elections, as well. The 2010 governor’s election was coming up and Rick Perry was running, again. I had become increasingly unhappy with his running of our state and wanted desperately to get him out of office. I believe he has been in that office way too long and has become very corrupt. Try telling that to the Republican Party of Texas, though. They won’t even hear it. It doesn’t matter that he was stealing land (eminent domain) from our people to build the Trans-Texas Corridor and selling it to other countries. No, that wasn’t a bad thing according to the GOP. So, I started looking for someone to replace him that was really paying attention and wanted to do something that was very different. I found Debra Medina. Oh what an amazing woman she is! I researched her and found out how to get involved in her campaign and became the Smith County coordinator. I loved every minute of being involved in her campaign! She wanted to (REALLY) have small government, unlike Perry that increased it at every turn. She wanted to give property rights back to Texans and stop property taxes which only make us “rent” the land from the government. She opened my eyes to see that you cannot truly own your property because the government can take it away if you don’t pay property taxes. I had never thought about that before. What an interesting perspective! She also opened my eyes to a new tax system that actually made sense! If you just put a tax on the things people buy and use everyday, you can get rid of the tax on your property! The studies that were done on it show that it works!! WOW! We could actually REALLY have our OWN property in TX! This woman is a visionary! While working for Debra’s campaign, I also learned a little about Ron Paul and what it means to be a Libertarian. I wasn’t fully convinced, but I definitely liked what more of their candidates had to say then what the GOP candidates were offering. Hmmm, maybe I wasn’t such a die hard republican after all? Then someone put a test up that would tell you where you actually were on the political spectrum. I was a little shocked to see that I wasn’t as conservative as I thought, but I was more libertarian. I fell right smack dab into the middle of the libertarian section of the graph. I was still in denial to some degree, though, so I didn’t put much stock in that test.
At one point in the Debra’s campaign she was attacked by Glenn Beck. We had worked so hard to get her on his show just knowing that he would promote her. She was everything he talked about our country needing! She was actually for LESS government, for individual property rights, pro second amendment, pro-life, and not corrupted by the establishment republicans. This was going to be so great! The interview started off kind of strange. Glenn Beck had this odd tone to his voice and he was being kind of rude. The more I listened the more angry I got! Then it happened. He asked her if she was a “truther” and she stumbled. She had no idea what a “truther” was at the time. I thought she handled herself pretty well, but he just kept talking over her, laughing, and saying that she made him “want to give Rick Perry a big ol’ French kiss!” HOW COULD HE?? He completely railroaded a person the stood for everything he said we needed! I was more than angry! Within minutes of the interview being over, Rick Perry’s campaign release a statement condemning Debra even more. Then it came out that Glenn Beck was in Rick Perry’s pocket. The same dirty politics that they were playing in Washington was playing out right there in front of me, in MY home state. I couldn’t believe it. I knew Rick Perry was not a good man, but I had never envisioned him stooping that low. I had never envisioned Glenn Beck stooping that low!! I was completely disgusted with the way the Republican party treated her and her supporters after that. My eyes had been opened that much more.
When Debra didn’t win the nomination, I started looking for someone else that had the same core values and ideas as she did. There was no way I was going to vote for Rick Perry or Bill White, so I HAD to find someone else. I found another candidate that I was happy to support and wrote him in on the ballot. I also made sure that I voted for NON-establishment republicans or libertarians anywhere that I could. I refused to vote for the same dirty politics ever again.
Fast forward to the build up to this years campaign. No one had officially thrown their hat in, but I was sure that Mike Huckabee was going to run again and I had liked him so much last time and liked that he had a plan for our economy, so he was my guy! I waited for him to announce he was going to run. I was so excited he was finally going to make an announcement on his show and then lo and behold, he said he was NOT running. WHAT?? I was heart broken. That last little bit of my attachment to the Republican party had been broken. There was no one in the field that I wanted to vote for. I started looking for anyone else that was going to run. Then I remembered what Debra had said about Ron Paul. He was worth looking at even if I didn’t agree with some of his positions. I started researching him and where he stood on the issues. I checked his congressional record and it became clear, this was the man I had been looking for. Ron Paul had it right. The more government interferes in our lives, the less free we become. He had the economic plan that I knew would work to get us out of this mess we are in. The more I researched the more I believed. This was amazing. Every day my eyes were opened just a little more. All of the remaining blinders I had were removed and I was AWAKE!! I had left the Matrix and was now fully awake! George Bush was not the president I thought him to be, his father was not the president I thought him to be, either. I was appalled at the things I learned with just a little research. How had I kept my head in the sand for so long? I was a “sheeple”…I admit it. I can only thank Debra for giving me the opportunity to “take the red pill” instead of the blue and continuing to be disillusioned by the government.  As each day passes with this election season, I am more and more aware of the corruption in our government.  I am more and more sure that the only candidate that I could possibly vote for is Ron Paul.  This guy has it right.  We should absolutely be adhering to the Constitution.  It was drafted and ratified so that our Federal government wouldn’t get out of hand.  Men are greedy for power and without those checks and balances in place, we would surely end up in a dictatorship.  Oh wait, we are pretty much already there.  Every Republican from my state, EXCEPT Ron Paul voted to trash our Constitution when they voted to pass the National Defense Authorization Act.

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These people that claim they are the party of less government and the protectors of the Constitution just showed their true colors.  They are, as Debra would say, “two sides of the same coin.”  They have very few differences in their platforms and are bound and determined to push their agenda down our throats…along with the candidate THEY want in office.

I have never seen such corruptness as I have with this election!  The media has refused to acknowledge Ron Paul as a “serious” candidate because they don’t agree with his “radical stand point” on the role of government and adhering to the Constitution.  This is just about laughable!  Almost all of the major Republican talking heads are speaking out against Ron Paul and his “Paulbots”, “Ronulans”, or “crackpot” supporters.  If they were really for the ideals that the Republican party stands for, wouldn’t they WANT Ron Paul to be their candidate?  They should, but they aren’t really for having freedom and personal responsibility like they claim.  They are happy with the “status quo” and don’t really want change.  I mean after all, why aren’t any of them talking about the NDAA or the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or the Protect IP Act (PIPA), or the Enemy Expatriation Act (EEA)?  These by no means help to limit government or make it smaller.  Wait, isn’t that what the Republicans all claim to want??  Interesting, isn’t it?  Then there is Iran.  If you listen to the Republicans, Iran is gearing up for nuclear weapons and we need to intervene right now!  If you do a little of your own research, though, and actually read the IAEA report that was put out in November on Iran’s nuclear enrichment programs, you will find that they are not enriching anything to anywhere close to weapons grade.  Yes, they have gone from 3.5% to 20%, but that isn’t even close to weapons grade which is 90%.  The 20% was declared through the proper channels and is for the radioactive isotope needed for cancer patients.

(source: )

Now the Republicans, will have you believe that they have secret stores of uranium that are being further enriched by the day.  Sound familiar?  Isn’t this what the Bush administration told us about Iraq?  This is what we invaded them for and then found there were NO WMDs there!  The Republicans are at it again.  It’s like they just can’t get enough of war!  These are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters we are sending over there to fight for what?  Because the Republicans want war?  No, thank you!  We are already in two wars that are costing us a fortune…and they are illegal wars at that! Yes, illegal!  If congress doesn’t declare war, it’s NOT LEGAL!  Our constitution lays that out plain and clear for all to read!  How did we allow encroachment upon our rights and our constitution to get so out of hand?  Are people really that content to just let the government do whatever they want?  This country is starting to feel like Nazi Germany!!  If you aren’t awake, yet, you had better wake up and FAST!  If we are not vigilant in watching over our Constitution and our rights, the government will take them all away from us under the cover of night!!  Don’t let them scare you into signing away your rights, thinking that it will keep you safe!  Those rights are all you have that are keeping you safe and free!  I honestly feel like I’m screaming to people to wake up from the matrix and “take the red pill”.  I don’t think I could ever go back to just putting my head in the sand and pretending that government really isn’t corrupt, power hungry, and greedy!  I see the world through a new set of eyes, now.  I am very aware of the things going on around me.  For the first time ever, I am afraid that we are really going to lose all hope for true liberty and freedom in America.  I am awake, and I am not willing to sit idly by while our government runs  all over the Constitution and our rights.  If you are like me, it makes you angry and you must do something!  I will fight in whatever way necessary to keep our Constitution intact and our country free from domestic tyranny!  Right now, that means voting for Ron Paul, working his campaign, blogging about the political world, posting political videos on social media sites, sending tweets for Ron Paul, protesting unconstitutional legislation, and trying to wake up everyone I know!  I. AM. AWAKE!