HR347 = Felony to Protest @ Events Attended by Person(s) with Secret Service Protection.

HR347 = Felony to Protest @ Events Attended by Person(s) with Secret Service Protection..

This is the latest in the attempt to shred the constitution by our oh so lovely law makers in Washington, D.C.  This bill passed the house with a vote of 399-3 the first time through the house and UNANIMOUSLY in the Senate (you can see for yourself who voted and how here).  That’s right only THREE people were in opposition to this bill.  Ron Paul (TX), Justin Amash (MI), and Paul Broun (GA) were the only people to stand up for your 1st amendment right to peaceably assemble. This is so astounding to me!  These are the people we put up there to defend our constitution and not only have they not done that, but they have repeatedly KILLED the Bill Of Rights!!  This is UNACCEPTABLE people!!  You need to be looking for the candidates that want to return the government to WE THE PEOPLE and give us back our Constitution!!

These Candidates are the ones for TX voters at which people should be looking:  Ron Paul (president), Glenn Addison (U.S. Senate- TX), Larry Youngblood (U.S. House-TX Dist. 8), Tammy Blair (Texas Senate Dist. 3), David Simpson (Texas State Rep. Dist. 7), Matt Schaefer (Texas State Rep. Dist. 6), Chris Green (Smith County Sheriff).  I’m sure there are many all over the state of TX and people need to be RESEARCHING their candidates.  Don’t just listen to what they say in campaign mode, look at how they have voted, at what they have supported, and what they DO in their own lives.  ALL POLITICIANS will tell you what you want to hear to get your votes.  PAY ATTENTION!!  If you have a liberty minded candidate where you are, let me know, and I will add them to the list!!

Let’s hold these people accountable for their actions against the Constitution and against WE THE PEOPLE!!!


See the full text of this bill here.


Texas Tribune Interview with Texas Rep. David Simpson (R- Longview)

I wanted to share this video of an interview with Texas Rep David Simpson (R- Longview) with the Texas Tribune. I will be interviewing Rep. Simpson this week a little more in depth on the issues, and not just on who he will support for President come November. I believe the people want to hear about the real issues, not just politics within the Republican party. Look for our upcoming interview in the next few days.

TribLive: Simpson on Perry and the 2012 Race

  • 1/26/2012
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    Do Unto Others…EXCEPT in South Carolina!

    Tonight was the South Carolina debate for the GOP candidates.  I must say that I was absolutely appalled at all the warmongering speeches coming from the podiums!  On a daily basis you hear people talk about how we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring out troops home.  It’s absolutely nuts that all it takes to get people in this country riled up for another war is the GOP screaming that some middle eastern country is about to have nukes.  If people would FACT CHECK these statements, they would find that the GOP has been screaming Iran was “about to have nuclear weapon capabilities” since 1984!  During 1984 it was said that Iran was 7 years away from nuclear weapon capabilities.  Then again in 1995 it was said they were closer than we thought to nuclear weapon capabilities.  Then again in 1999, they were supposedly 6 months from nuclear weapon capabilities.  Here were are now in 2012 and Iran STILL HAS NO NUCLEAR WEAPON CAPABILITIES!!  The uranium that Iran has is mostly enrinched to 3.5%.  They have begun enriching to 20% (which is an isotope that is for cancer patients) and declared it through the IAEA as they are required to do!!  Weapons grade Uranium is 90% !! That’s a long way to go to get to nuclear weapon capabilities!  The GOP is fear-mongering to push the people into believing that we MUST go to war!  The people have obviously fallen for this once again hook, line, and sinker!!  In tonight’s debate in Myrtle Beach, SC, the whole audience cheered for going to war and booed the Christian way of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This message is SO important that it is written in the Bible TWICE!  Once in Matthew 7:12 and again in Luke 6:31! HOW UTTERLY SAD!!!!!  I think this “Bible belt” state has forgotten that Christ gave us that rule.  They must have also forgotten that He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” (Matt 5:9)  This is the seventh beatitude mentioned in Matthew 5:3-12.  “It would have shocked most Jews (in this case Americans) in the crowd. Jews were looking for ‘Messiah’ who would overthrow the Roman empire (in this case all middle Eastern and Obama’s empires) and establish an earthly kingdom (American Empire). But Jesus supports peace and encourages the peacemakers. Once again, Kingdom of Heaven defies the norm of earthly kingdom, which is established by power, force and wars.” (Bible Study on the Beatitudes)  Does that make you think twice about wanting to go full fledged into war with ANOTHER country?  Are we acting like the Christians we CLAIM to be?  This is why it absolutely perplexes me that a Christian country would CHEER for war and BOO peace!  Maybe we should all get back into our Bibles that we claim to model our everyday after and REALLY think about what Jesus would want us to do!  We’ve been given a great opportunity to stand up and speak for peace, people!!!  Let’s stop the warmongering and cheering for war and essentially the death of our sons and daughters, and move toward peace as Christ has told us to do!