U.S. To Hand Sovereignty Over To U.N.

I sat here for a long time this morning trying to decide what I was going to say about the International Criminal Court treaty (ICCt). Reading about it and researching has made it even more clear to me how utterly WRONG this treaty is. I looked back to why we originally pulled out of the treaty in 2002 and I have to say that I’m glad that the administration at the time had the wherewithal to see how bad this treaty really was and still is. Now, Hillary Clinton is negotiating our return to the ICCt. Here is the list of reasons why we originally pulled out of the treaty:

“Here’s what America believes in:

We believe in justice and the promotion of the rule of law.

We believe those who commit the most serious crimes of concern to the international community should be punished.

We believe that states, not international institutions are primarily responsible for ensuring justice in the international system.

We believe that the best way to combat these serious offenses is to build domestic judicial systems, strengthen political will and promote human freedom.

We have concluded that the International Criminal Court does not advance these principles. Here is why:

We believe the ICC undermines the role of the United Nations Security Council in maintaining international peace and security.

We believe in checks and balances. The Rome Statute creates a prosecutorial system that is an unchecked power.

We believe that in order to be bound by a treaty, a state must be party to that treaty. The ICC asserts jurisdiction over citizens of states that have not ratified the treaty. This threatens US sovereignty.

We believe that the ICC is built on a flawed foundation. These flaws leave it open for exploitation and politically motivated prosecutions.” –Marc Grossman, Under Secretary for Political Affairs
Remarks to the Center for Strategic and International Studies
Washington, DC
May 6, 2002

In no way should the United States EVER turn over it’s power to ANY international body. Rejoining this treaty would not only allow Americans to be prosecuted in this international court despite their constitutional rights or whether they had already been tried, but it would also keep the United States from being able to declare war without the U.N.’s approval! That in and of itself is handing over our Sovereignty, or basically dissolving it. If you value your rights and the ability to defend ourselves at will, then I encourage you to call your Congress members and your Senators and demand that they not ratify this treaty as it would usurp the powers of Congress and dissolve the sovereignty of our nation.
To see more on our withdrawal from the ICCt in May of 2002, go here: US Withdrawal From ICC As of 2010, the U.S. has been sitting in on the ICC as an interested party. Many believe that we should join again now that the Bush administrations is over, but I don’t believe they are looking at the fact that it violates the constitution. As much as I know that Bush did many things wrong, in this one decision, he was right to withdraw. He made at least ONE good decision and actually protected our constitution. Do I think there may have been ulterior motives for that…more than likely, but the end result is the same. We CANNOT ratify a treaty that violates our constitution!

It is very important to know about this treaty and there are several others, as well. For those of you that are not familiar with how a treaty works, it is signed by our President, then sent to the senate to be looked over. Here they will exercise the power of advice and consent. They must have a 2/3rds vote in favor of the treaty to ratify it. Once it is ratified, it is the same as constitutional law…except in this case, we will not have a way to fight it. The only way to combat this is RIGHT NOW by calling your congress member and senators and telling them you will absolutely not stand for dissolution of U.S. sovereignty.

Some other treaties that you need to be aware of are L.O.S.T, Small-Arms control, Outer Space Code of Conduct, and Rights of the Child. Each of these treaties whittles away at our nation’s sovereignty or usurps it altogether. Please make yourself aware of what is in each these treaties. For a brief overview, check out Dick Morris’s site: Obama’s Sneaky Treaties All Americans Should Know About

Please don’t sit back and allow these treaties to be ratified! CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS NOW!